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Corps sonores

Corps Sonores is a performance piece that explores the connection between one's voice and one's physical being. The sonic material used for this performance features a rich tapestry of voices – intimate interviews with real people – whose words were recorded, classified and sonically treated. These voices are then played through a bespoke construction; an interface that has been hand sewn into a garment created by a fashion designer Anna Hieronymus. Creative producer Rodger Brown filmed each of the interviews in turn and those images were being played during the performance.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-27 um

pic: Nirto Karsten Fischer


Theoretical pendant to the performance piece “Corps Sonores” presented in the frame of the Master in Sound Studies at the University of Arts (Berlin) - passed with honours. This thesis is an interdisciplinary research on the gendered electrified voice as an agent of intimacy and connection with the Other. Full thesis upon email request.

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