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Ekheo is a duo, formed by Aude Langlois and Belinda Sykora, that explores the crosslines of the musical, visual and sonic art of performance. Equipped with synthesizers, microphones, instruments and projectors Ekheo creates a transcedent and dreamlike ambient, that drags viewers and listeners onto a psychedelic trip and expands one's perception of sound and vision. Each performance is unique, since improvisation, adaption to surroundings and communication between each other is key to the world of Ekheo. Nonetheless there is an overall thread and distinctive approach, that carries each performance. They are occasionally joined by the jamaican-born and New York-raised Rodger Brown, who works as a multidimensional artist in Berlin and takes care of the visual aspect of Ekheo. 
Aude and Belinda met at university, while studying “Sound Studies” at the Berlin UdK(Universität der Künste). They are both dedicated and experienced musicians, that focus on interdisciplinary art. Although they are both multi-faceted artists, Belinda focusses on binaural sound walks, sound installations, radio plays and performances, while Aude works on the interceptions of music, sound design and technology. Before they met, Belinda was a studied actress in Vienna, while Aude finished “Music and Musicology” at the Sorbonne University in Paris.


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