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La voix humaine

Premiere: 14.09.2022 at the German-French Theatre Festival Le Lampenfieber at ACUD Theatre Berlin
Further performances: 
17.09.2022, ACUD Theatre
06. & 07.10.2022 at Brotfabrik Berlin


A Monstress Mess production in collaboration with Sound Duo Ekheo
By Jean Cocteau
German translation by Barbara Engelhardt

In this interpretation of the French classic ‘La Voix Humaine’, Monstress Mess presents Cocteau’s 1930s Parisian wounded beast in all her glory, alongside another woman existing in present day Berlin. It is a sonic exploration into the intimacy of the human voice through the lens of two women; who lead very different lives, but who are both connected by the bittersweet relentless rollercoaster that rides it’s way through the body and the psyche, activated by a broken heart. With live voice manipulation and sound curation from French-Austrian sound art duo Ekheo. Text in French and German, with English subtitles.

With: Lucie Aron & Judith Shoemaker
Accompanied by: Ekheo (Aude Langlois & Belinda Sykora)
Director: Rebecca Scott
Movement Director: Manuel Finke
Lighting Design: Claudine Castay
Production Assistant: Nicki Schwenner
Photography: Jetmir Idrizi

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