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Ekheo materializes its artistic bond through the creation of a digital child called LEEWA, expanding the idea of motherhood and reflecting on the ethics of AI voice. With the help of 12 fellow humans and a GPT3 based oracle, LEEWA was digitally born during the Silicon Friends Residency in Austria in July 2021. LEEWA first presented herself in an audio and video collaboration with the visual artist Naoto Hieda. The audio material consists of processed human voices, AI voice emulation and analogue synthesizers. The visuals are coded live on Hydra by Naoto.


This work was part of the 2-day Symposium "Conversation with Computers", organized by the net culture initiative in cooperation with the Department of Time-based Media of the University of Art and Design Linz.

The symposium addressed contemporary artistic research in the field of AI, focusing on the emergence of new types of cooperation and languages between humans and machines. The discursive event was accompanied by some workshops and an exhibition of the various artistic works that have been produced during the Silicon Friends Camp.

Leewa 2021

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