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True Ather Volume 1, 2022

Back in 2021, while producing a radio series with a focus on contemporary female pioneers of electronic music for Radio Jurassic, I imagined a series of compilation albums featuring new artists who swim in the deep end of experimental music and sound art.

These volumes would feature not only old friends and acquaintances, but a constellation of artists whom I’d never met before and whose sensibilities were felt in alignment with the idea of sound as an expression of hidden dimensions, a thriving force in an encounter with the ‘beyondness’ of the real, a vehicle for epiphany and perception enhancement.

The prompt to the participating artists was uncomplicated and open ended: the exploration of the outer limits of their own work without stylistic constraints. The concept of ‘no limits’ reveals the secret thread existing among these sonic artifacts and compositions; a congruence that was always there, waiting to be discovered.

In the spirit of keeping this work historically inclusive in a relevant way, eleven out of the thirteen participants featured on the first Volumen are female artists and musicians.

-Julio Lugon

published May13th 2022

**download of 'Volumen Vol.1' comes with a PDF booklet**

Mastering by Joni Judén
Cover art by Muriel Holguín (Tenis Studio)
Project organized by Julio Lugon


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